Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why Body by Vi instead of Advocare??!

As much as I have loved answering this question individually I thought perHAPS I would just throw it out there to everyone! A lot of people were aware that a couple of years ago Adrian and I became distributers of Advocare. My brother had just started selling it and we went to a party of his and left with our product ordered! I continuously get asked, "Didn't you use to sell Advocare?? Why did you switch??" Here is the long and short of my answer...

We were hardcore Advocare! 1. It worked for us and 2. My brother was selling it and we wanted to support him.

We did our first 24day Challenge and I don't remember exact numbers for Adrian but I had lost 17lbs. Obviously, that is exciting for anyone!

My problem started on Day 25... 

Even with my distributer discount, which was 30%, even if we had gotten to 40% we literally could NOT afford to continue! So for 2 years we kinda sat on our hands, not wanting to do anything else, we wanted our ADVOCARE and we wanted it NOW! :)) So instead we quickly gained our weight back, because, well... it is fun to eat! If we are honest...

About a year ago we started hearing about this
Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge
I was very quick to state that we weren't interested!

Obviously that has changed. Here are a few reasons why... I was seeing MEGA results! MAJOR RESULTS! My little town was saturated with Body by Vi, by a little someone I may or may not call my Bestie. This was all before I knew her, but everywhere I went and saw people looking great, I would ask and was continuously told Body by Vi.

So, I started to do my research! I was told to Google Body By Vi vs. Advocare. If you are like me you may be all about results but these are fun facts too!

Something else that got me pretty hyped up was ALL the amazing stories I was hearing about health issues being helped by BBV. Lupus, diabetes, autism, etc. Not that this product can heal or anything like that but just the amazing nutrition that was drastically changing people's circumstances! 

There are a few other reasons, the FREE BMW, amazing trips or perhaps my AMAZING results! In my first 90 Day Challenge, I lost 
42lbs, tons of inches and 3 pant sizes.

But the NUMBER 1 REASON we are HARDCORE, solid ROCK believers in 
EVERYONE, customer or promoter, can get their kit for FREE! 
You can't see me typing but I typed FREE, slowly and pressed each key with a vengeance. HAHA!

Like I told you, Adrian and I couldn't afford Advocare. FREE spoke to my little heart something fierce! :)) AND it is incredibly easy to obtain. Free product is making an amazing difference in both our personal lives and as a business. I get a crazy rush each time I see a new customer getting their product for free. We, personally, are getting $500 worth of product for free each and every month. And if you know anything about BBV, that is A LOT of product! There is an excitement when I get to share that with others. FREE, FREE, FREE! Can you say that enough? I can't,
On the business side... I get paid 5 times a month! It is my favorite to go to my mailbox AT LEAST once a week expecting a check! The comp plan between the 2 companies is INCOMPARABLE and UNMATCHED. We are a trendy company who is keeping up with Social Media and offer amazing software for their promoters. The creators of "The Biggest Loser" have joined forces with our company. It is the FASTEST growing business in the industry! I LOVE ALL THINGS BODY BY VI! And my favorite part? ------>

That is why we would Choose Body By Vi ANYDAY over Advocare. Nothing against Advocare but ALL of this for Body by Vi. Was it even really a choice??! <---- If I can do this, you can too!

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